Designer Bathrooms Worsley

Bathrooms Worsley: Do you want to have the designer bathroom you have always wanted?

Worsley Developments provide a superb range of luxurious bathroom designs for you to choose from, whilst offering you all materials at trade cost.

Whether you are looking for contemporary, classic or something a little different we can provide a design and fit service to suit your needs.

Our experienced kitchen design & installation team are fully trained professional tradesmen that are highly skilled and have over 25 years experience in the bathroom industry.


Bathroom Design and Fit Services in Worsley

Our team are able to provide you with a fully bespoke bathroom design and installation service, completely customised in all aspects in order to give you the ultimate bathroom that you have always wanted.

At Worsley Developments we take huge pride in designing and fitting bathrooms across Worsley and have been working on homes in the Worsley area for nearly three decades.

At Worsley Developments we can design your new bathroom exactly how you want it. We will also make sure that you are being given the best possible advice in order to ensure that your new bathroom will be built to the very highest standards of quality tradesmanship.


Quality Bathrooms Worsley

To get started with some info on bathrooms Worsley, a member of our team can provide you with a free quotation and consultation prior to any work that we undertake and will aim to give you a complete price with no added, nasty extras as the project progresses.

The price we quote you is the price we will honour and can give you the added benefit of buying all materials and equipment at trade prices.

Please call us for more information or to arrange a free home visit, from there we can advise you on your options and give you the best quote possible.

Looking for a custom Wet Room?

bathrooms worsley


Waterproof Wet Rooms Worsley

Part of the Bespoke Designer Range of Bathrooms Worsley from Worsley Developments

An increasing number of our customers order wet room installation. Why? Because custom made wet rooms are a modern and stylish solution to a standard shower room. Wet rooms are much more advanced than standard bathrooms and we recommend that your custom wet room is installed by professional wet room installers, such as Worsley Developments.

What Is a Wet room?

A Wet room is a completely waterproof room. This is implemented in order to allow the whole bathroom area to be used as a shower area, giving you an elegant walk-in shower solution. With a wet room being 100% sealed, you do not have to worry about the bathroom floor getting wet.

Quality Wet Room Installation

With most wet room installations that we fit our customers generally choose the option of underfloor heating. This provides you with that warm feeling when you step with your bare foot on the heated floor. It is a small price to pay for the luxury of underfloor heating.

Worsley Developments install custom built steam and wet rooms in Worsley and across the North West and our customers can choose from a wide range of shower enclosures to go into their wet room. Our designers can even design and show you a 3d visual usingĀ  special software as to what your new wet room can look like.

For a no obligation chat about having a new bathroom or wet room installed at your property simply call us on 0161 667 1535 or 0161 667 1535 or click here